Health Benefits Of Dry Needling Shoulder

Dry needling is a form of therapy that uses acupuncture needles to treat pain in the back, neck, head, and shoulder areas. These needles are inserted at varying depths to stimulate the muscle fibers and their surrounding connective tissue; this stimulates blood flow and helps to relieve pain by increasing the production of endorphins. It is a type of nerve stimulation that can reach or target trigger points or other types of painful areas in the body. Read more about Dry needling at

Health benefits of dry needling shoulder

  1. Improves function and decreases the pain of muscles in the shoulder

Dry needling shoulder is a type of treatment that uses acupuncture needles to relieve people with a variety of standard and uncommon pains in the shoulder. Physical therapists or licensed acupuncturists can perform this treatment.

  1. Reduces the risk of chronic pain

The repetitive stressors that cause injury or pain to muscles may lead to an injury called muscular dystrophy. Dry needling can help reduce pain and improve function before a more severe injury.

  1. Increases strength in the muscles

Strengthening the damaged muscles may help prevent chronic symptoms that make exercises less effective and lead to a loss of function without treatment. Dry needling can improve strength in the shoulder joint and its surrounding muscles. In some cases, dry needling helps improve the elasticity of some tendons, ligaments, and fascia that surround the joint, creating a strengthened joint capsule to reduce or prevent injuries like tears or sprains.

  1. Reduces swelling

Dry needling may reduce swelling in the shoulder because it helps limit the release of fluids into areas of the joint capsule. When this occurs, it can cause pain or instability in those areas.

  1. Accelerates healing and muscle recovery time

The increased blood flow from dry needling increases the healing time for damaged muscles and speeds up the average recovery of damaged muscles.



Dry needling has been used for therapeutic and non-therapeutic purposes. People use dry needling for several conditions and injuries, but it has received significant attention in treating shoulder pain. Dry needling can be used to treat chronic pain and increase muscle strength and elasticity over a more extended period, increase the healing process, and help prevent scarring.

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